10 Recommended Applications To Support An Architect’s Career Explored

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10 Recommended Applications To Support An Architect’s Career
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10 Recommended Applications To Support An Architect’s Career – Kuri007
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Architect support applications – For an architect, considering the application to be used is the right thing to do. After all, the choice of application will determine the result. But it also has to be balanced with skills and practice, of course.

Well, if you are an architect, and you are still confused about which app to use, maybe this article is for you. Because in it we will review 10 applications that support the work of architecture that may be worth your consideration and use later.

That is, the following applications are well-known and actively used applications by the general public. Especially by professional architects.

The best app to support the builder’s work


Did you know that this app was previously bought by Google. This is just one indication of how good this sketchup app is. And until now there are a lot of professional architects who use it. Especially when you are making three-dimensional structure drawings.

As for the features offered, they may not be very good, or very sophisticated. However, there are many advantages that make it superior to other applications.

One of these advantages is that you can combine it with vray. That is, it is this combination that can make the design image more realistic, almost like the real thing.


The application that supports the work of artists that we recommend next is microstation. Most of you probably already know about microstation. Yes, this is a natural thing, considering the level of popularity of the application that is considered to be very good.

It is an application managed by the Bentley system, which will be ready to help you when making construction projects. It can be a two- or three-dimensional building design. This application is made on the basis of CAD with the highest stability.

It is natural that many people end up using it. With the results, you can save them in different types of formats, according to your needs. It can be obj, then skp, cad, or something else. Using the app is simple and easy.

And if you pay attention, this application falls into the category of applications that are really suitable for architects, then professional engineers, and others.

Paid app. But to see if this app is right for you or not, just use the trial version that is already available on their site.

Therefore, from the various advantages offered by the developer, it would be a shame if you missed using this one application. Because it is guaranteed to help a lot. Interestingly, microstation allows it to be used on a computer or laptop device.

Vectorworks architecture

The next recommendation is the vectorworks architecture application. If this app is predictable from the start, yes. Because the developer really gave the name with architectural frills. Like the previous apps, this vectorworks drawing is also highly recommended by professionals.

Due to the large number of features, it offers complex features, which can only be used by those who are already experts. For beginners, it would be better if you learn the interesting features in it first. If you feel you understand, then start using it.

This application can give good results if you already have experience using it. With its help, you can create visual construction drawings, precision, then algorithmic design, and so on.

If you are interested in vectorworks architecture, you can try to visit their site. If you want to download it, you can go directly to the site.

A soft program

Another recommendation is a soft plan. Have you ever heard of his name? Therefore, this application that supports the work of the architect also includes a cost estimate that will be able to calculate the budget for the construction of the house design you have made.

Very interesting isn’t it? More interestingly, the features available in it are able to work in real time. Not only that, he can also create project documentation. This app is suitable for everyone.

Whether for professionals or beginners. Like the previous two applications, you can also use softplan easily and practically.

With a fist! Home design

For application recommendations to support the work of the following builder is punch! home design. As the name suggests, this app is another highly recommended app for you to consider. It is a request from America.

Which is, a combination of nexgen and lightworks. Wow, it’s guaranteed to be really fun, right? The presence of lightworks enables the application to help you design easily and quickly. Even when building projects, the cost can be quite large.

Interesting isn’t it? For those who have the presence of nex gen itself, it can make the design results perfect and look realistic. It includes various interesting features that can be used. Both are ready to help you create a beautiful, cool, and accurate design template.

Interestingly, in this application there is also a cost estimate. Which allows a ton to consider the budget of the designs made. Unfortunately, the price offered by the developer is very expensive.

But it still compares to the benefits offered. If you are interested in interesting features, you can just try to visit their site, and find the app there.

A great architect

As the name suggests, a master architect is an excellent architectural support system that can be your choice again in the future. This application is ready to help you when you are going to create two-dimensional images or three-dimensional designs.

From designing the house, then the interior of the house, to designing the kitchen and bathroom. In the application, there are various interesting features that will support the production process. You can use this application easily and conveniently.

The app offers a trial version or a free trial that can be tried first. If you are in the free trial period and feel it suits you, then use the paid version, right?


For those who are still confused about which application they should use to support the best builder’s work, you can try to consider this one application. Now it is interesting that it is made with one concept that will make it really easy. Whether you want to create a two-dimensional or three-dimensional design.

This application is not suitable even for those who are already experts. But it’s also perfect for those of you who are just starting out.

Especially for those who are still studying architecture. And you know, its ability to produce an attractive design has made it a very common application used by both foreign and domestic architectural offices.

Especially with a user-friendly display. Not only that, this application can enable you to work in a structural information modeling environment or in a management environment.

For those who use Windows operating system with Mac OS, you can definitely try this app. Because it is compatible with both operating systems.

3D Studio max

Ok, another recommendation is 3d studio max. This application is also ready to help you if you want to create a three-dimensional image. You can create a three-dimensional image that is perfect, detailed, and cool of course. Nothing cool and good with other apps.

And if we pay attention, this app is almost similar to sketchup app. The only difference between the two is their use. Kakal for 3d studio max application is not only used by architects, but also often used by other groups.

Like animators, then game makers, for those interested in rendering. Why is that? This is due to its very comprehensive programming features, which makes it possible to use it anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

Currently, the latest version is available. And for those who are curious, you can try the free trial version provided by the app. If it suits, just use the paid version.

Restore properties

Recommendations for other architectural support applications are revit architecture. Yes, this app is a premium app as well, just like the previous apps. You can create two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs easily and easily, and in detail, of course.

Apart from being able to be used for building related things, this app also allows it to be used for other purposes. One of them is graphic design. If you are interested in revit architecture, please download the app through their official website now.

AutoCAD Architecture

Autocad architecture is one application that is often used by those who are architects, and have entered the status or skill of ecpret aka professional. Because there are many benefits that are offered to the app developer.

This application allows you to make detailed and high quality drawings. If you want to know more about autocad architecture, please go directly to their official website.

Okay, what about you, do you already have a choice of which application to use to support the work of an architect? If you can, try using their trial version. aka the trial version. Because by using the free trial version, you can test and measure whether you will use the application or not.

Or it could be by reading app reviews online. Because surely many have updated their knowledge using the cool apps above.

Here are some of our recommendations. Please select the appropriate one. Then download as needed. I hope it’s helpful, I hope it helps, and I hope it’s a try.

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