10 steps to successful new year’s resolutions

January 4, 2023 0 By Cypher9ja

  • Be specific: the more specific you are, the easier it is to
    follow through.
  • Have a plan.
  • Reality check (be realistic).
  • Break it down into manageable segments.
  • Be persistent. Research shows that it takes 66 days for a new activity to become a
    habit. And as many as six months of continuous implementation for it to be fully
    adopted into your lifestyle or personality.
  • Snowball motivation: a goal
    that becomes increasingly motivating as it succeeds, is most likely to be sustained.
  • -Make a bet. Good intentions are great persuaders. However, research shows that an extra
    external motivator can better help keep us on track.
  • Visualise: studies have shown that visual imagery is better than the written word. Capitalise on this and put up motivating quotes and pictures where you can see them to remind yourself of your goals.
  • Rest up. Stress and exhaustion deplete willpower.
  • Buddy up. Delivering on a promise or commitment made to someone else is often more attainable than one just to yourself.

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