5 Months Of Healthy Fasting Food Menus For Our Body

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5 Months Of Healthy Fasting Food Menus For Our Body – Kuri007
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5 Months Of Healthy Fasting Food Menus For Our Body

Pikiranpublik.com5 Months of Healthy Fasting Food Menus for Our Body. Hello, healthy friends, I am back with an admin who will always provide interesting and useful information.

In this event the administrator will give 5 Months of Healthy Fasting Food Menus for Our Bodies. There, this information is still not known by many people, maybe you are one of them.

However, that way you are very lucky to visit the right page. With the page provided by the admin at this time, you will find useful food.

If you want to know and want to know what are the 5 Healthy Fasting Month Menus for Our Body. So, please, just look at the information provided by the administrator below.

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Food Menu for the Month of Healthy Fasting for Our Body

Fasting is one of the most anticipated events during the month of Ramadan. However, for those who are fasting.

However, because of that, many people are always confused about which menu to eat for iftar. Admin sure, you usually get that too.

However, you need to know that you should pay attention to what healthy food to serve during the break.

If you want to know which food is healthy for breaking the fast. Therefore, please refer to the information that the administrator has provided below about the 5 Healthy Diet Menus of the Month for Our Body.

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1. Smoothies

The first is Smoothies, where Smoothies are a drink with a low fiber content. That way, this drink is easily digested by our bodies.

2. Dates

The second healthy food is dates, you need to know that eating dates and water when breaking food is a direct recommendation from the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Dates themselves, are one of the fruits with natural sugar, so that when we break the fast, they restore strength.

3. Sup

Next, there is Soup, soupy food like soup or soto can be the right choice in the iftar menu.

Because the soup has liquid, in addition to being liquid, the soup can refresh and provide enough nutrition.

4. Boiled Egg And Avocado

The next healthy menu is boiled eggs and avocado, this second food is a food that is easily digested by the stomach and intestines.

In that way, eating boiled eggs and avocado is a good choice to break the fast menu of our body.

5. Capcayi

This last menu is Capcai, where Capcay is a dish that contains a variety of vegetables and contains many benefits for the health of the body. This dish lasts a long time and can be eaten at iftar or sahur.

The last word

That is the information that the manager can pass on 5 Months of Healthy Fasting Food Menus for Our Body this. I hope the updates provided by the admin will be helpful for all of you.

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