5 Settings For Headsets On Android, You Must Try!

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5 Settings For Headsets On Android, You Must Try! – Kuri007
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Headset Settings On Android

Setting up a headset on android is actually easy to do for everyone. These settings usually override the headset that can be found on Android.

The headset is in connected status but cannot be read or detected by phone or android system.

Usually there are some features where the headset can’t be seen or error. One of the characteristics of the earphone error is that the logo does not appear or the sound does not come out. So how do you do it?

Headset settings on Android

For more details, here are the steps to set the headset to be error free:

1. Enabling Headset Settings

Earphone settings on Android to solve the first error, which is to activate the headset settings.

One of the causes of the headset can not be detected or error ie the setting is incorrect.

Here’s how to open the earphone settings on the phone for user reference:

  1. The first stepbrowse notification bar at the bottom.
  2. Long press on settings, then a notification will appear that the system UI tuner has opened successfully.
  3. In addition, the user can turn on the option of earphones.
  4. Also remember that every android has a different way to set the UI tuner.
  5. So just adjust it for each android version.

2. Check Android HP Headset Port

One of the causes of earphone error is the earphone port. It would be a good idea to always check the condition of the earphone port so that it can be used on the Android phone.

How to check the port of an android mobile phone? Here is the full description:

  1. First, check the Android HP port status.
  2. If there is dust or dirt, prepare baby oil once cotton bud.
  3. It’s wet cotton bud with baby oil.
  4. Clean the headset port gently until it is clean.

3. Restart the Android phone first

The next setting for the headset on Android is to restart the phone. The purpose of rebooting the phone is for Android to detect the presence of the headset connected to it because by rebooting, the system will easily learn the device.

Here is how to reboot an Android phone that can be used as a reference for users:

  1. Long press the power button, usually located on the side of the android.
  2. Then there is a “turn off” and “restart” option.
  3. Select restart by sliding the button to “restart”.
  4. Wait until the HP shuts down. Usually the reboot process will take a few minutes. Wait for the android to turn on again.

4. Remove the MicroSD first

The next optional step when the headset cannot be detected is to eject the microSD. There are several reasons why the microSD can block the headset.

One of the reasons is that the system often reads the SD too often to interfere with other drivers. Here’s how to remove the microSD:

  1. Turn off the android first.
  2. Remove the microSD, and turn on the phone.
  3. Next, connect the headset again.
  4. If successful, restart android and reinsert microSD.

5. Connecting the headset via Bluetooth

The next setting for headsets on Android is to connect Bluetooth. However, this only works for wireless headsets.

It usually happens with headsets that cannot be connected because the user forgot to turn on Bluetooth. So, try the steps below:

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth headset first.
  2. Opened right Bluetooth android and click “scan other devices”.
  3. Try again if the second step doesn’t work.
  4. If it doesn’t work again, try restarting the android.
  5. After opening, try to repeat step 2.

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That’s the headset settings on android if the headset can’t be detected or connected to the device. The steps mentioned above can be chosen and tried by the user. However, the most important thing before trying the above steps is to make sure that the headset is not physically damaged.


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