September 8, 2018 0 By Cypher9ja


There are artists and there are artists. The difference between these two classes is in their level of artistic uniqueness. Asa belongs to the latter – a special class of artists that create essential music. She combines a range of genres (traditional folklore, jazz and soul music) to form her music style which can be compound in its composition but simple and beautiful in its delivery. The diverse elements of her music is acted as a factor of appeal for her as an artist, helping her build a community of fans in Africa and in western societies like France. She does everything with near perfection. Her albums are not many but they are all rich and impactful. Collaborations with her are as rare as collaborations with Adele but all turn out to be beautiful. Here is a list of Asa’s 5 collaborations with other Nigerian artists:


  1. Pete Pete – 9ice ft. Asa: 9ice in his peak, recorded evergreen traditional folk music like “Gongo Aso”, and “Pete Pete” is on that list too. The singer and Asa turned the music into a social tool, to spur the nation’s youth to wake up and take the future for themselves. The song was rendered mostly in Yoruba language but it didn’t limit the resonance of the music.


  1. Share My Blessing – Naeto C ft. Asa: This song is best described as a Hip-hop classic. The polished rap of NaetoC and Asa’s soulful singing of Asa blended together. The song felt emotional for Naeto C and spiritual for Asa.


  1. Comforter’s Song – Jeremiah Gyang ft. Asa: These two artists share multiple similarities – they are both guitarists, they both are fine vocalists with interests in the RnB genre. And together did a duet in the form of  a love song, coming off “The Love” album release by Jeremiah Gyang under Chocolate City Records. The popularity of the song grew so much that it became the soundtrack for the love life of many lovers in the early 2000s.


  1. Somebody Great – Korede Bello ft. Asa: Korede Bello described this collaboration as a “dream come true”, and it is understandable because the presence of Asa alone came with an assurance that the music would turn out great. The song, inspirational in theme, remains one of the Mavin Singer’s most essential song till date.


  1. Inside of You – Darey Art Alade ft. Asa: Darey is another brilliant musician with a thing for “good” RnB music. On his “Naked” album, he collaborated with Asa to record another entrant into the playlist of classic Nigerian love music.