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7 Complete and Updated Free Novel Reading Sites – Viral.Spot72
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Want to read novels without having to install additional applications? You can do this by visiting a free novel reading site.

As we know, reading novels can be a pretty fun activity to do when you have a lot of free time.

There are many interesting novel titles from various genres, ranging from romantic, fantasy, horror, comedy, history, and many others.

Well, for those of you who like to read novels but are reluctant to install third-party applications, you can choose one of the novel reading sites below.

List of Best Novel Reading Sites

Here are sites that provide a variety of novel titles that are fun to read. To find out one by one the sites, please see the discussion until it’s finished, guys!


NovelToon. (IS)

For novel lovers, you must be familiar with this one site, namely NovelToon. At NovelToon, you can access various popular novels that are sure to have exciting stories.

This site also has many advantages, one of which has a variety of categories that are complete and free to read. In addition, there is also an Indonesian language option to make it easier for us to read.

But not all novels in NovelToon are free, there are some novels that are premium so you have to pay to read them in their entirety.

Wattpad – Novel Reading Site

Wattpad Novel Reading Site
wattpad. (IS)

Actually, Wattpad is a place for writers to share their works such as short stories, articles, poetry, novels and more.

This is where writers and readers meet, they can join a community together to discuss their work.

On this site, there are thousands of novels with various genres. You can choose what you want, whether you want a horror genre novel, science fiction romance, faransi, comedy or something else.

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NovelPlus. (IS)

As the name implies, this site presents novels from various genres that are certainly interesting to read. Apart from that, NovelPlus is also a platform for writers to share their writings.

There are various features that allow users to recommend good novels to those closest to them.

Some of the genres of novels on this site are romance, fanfiction, faransi, sci-fi, mystery, and so on.

Storial – Novel Reading Site

Novels Reading Site Storial
story. (IS)

The next site is Storial which is recommended for reading novels online on mobile without having to install additional applications.

In addition to providing various types of interesting stories, Storial also provides ebook categories, which number around 50 thousand titles.

One of the cool features that Storial has is the audio story feature, where users can listen to available novels or stories.

Storial also makes it easier for users to read as well as write novels. So it is very useful for new users who want to work on making novels.


iJakarta. (IS)

The first digital library developed by the DKI Jakarta government, iJakarta is also the site for reading the next novel that you can choose.

Not only popular novels, there are also other book categories such as history, biographies, health, children, religion, environment, etc.

However, to read novels or books in iJakarta, users must borrow and download them first.

The maximum borrowing time is 3 days, if it exceeds then the book will be immediately withdrawn. One book can only be read by one borrower, so you have to be patient in line, guys.


iPusnas. (IST)

The next novel reading site is called iPusnas. For information, iPusnas has a system that is not much different from iJakarta.

You have to borrow and download the book first. You can borrow books for three days with a maximum of 3 books borrowed.

There are various types of books that are divided into several categories. You can also read novels in this digital library, although it’s not as complete as other novel reading sites.


ink. (IS)

Inkitt is also no less good than several novel reading sites that have been previously discussed. You can also access it to read various novel titles.

You can find a complete range of novel genres, ranging from thrillers, mysteries, drama, romance, adventure, to fantasy at Inkitt. However, the novels available on this site are in English.

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There you have it, some of the best Indonesian and English novel reading sites. May be useful.

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