7 unique ways to use turmeric

November 24, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Turmeric is synonymous in almost every household. It’s an integral part of our cuisine and home remedies.

Here are some unconventional ways turmeric is used.

1. ​Improve the health of Tulsi plant

Tulsi is a very delicate plant, and it often suffers from fungal infestation, which leads to its wilting. Sprinkling a mixture of salt and turmeric daily can take care of this issue.

2. Soaking vegetables

Being rich in antibacterial properties, soaking veggies in warm water to which some vinegar and turmeric have been added can get rid of germs.

3. Warding off evil eye

For those who believe in the evil eye, turmeric is a potent remedy. Sprinkle it around the house and make a a symbol in the shape of a cross on the entrance with turmeric, which is said to ward off evil eyes.

4. ​Add it in tea

Adding a pinch of turmeric cannot just prevent infections; due to the antioxidants present, it can also keep cancer at bay.

5. ​As a natural plaster

For small sprains, there’s hardly any need to rush to the doctor. A mixture of turmeric and calcium carbonate can help set the muscle quickly.

6. ​Cleanse liver

The impact of turmeric on improving liver function has been well established. Having a glass of turmeric water with a pinch of black pepper in the morning can help cleanse the liver.

7. ​To whiten teeth

Sounds totally unbelievable, right? But turmeric along with some baking soda and salt can help in the whitening of teeth when applied regularly.

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