8 checklist questions you need to go through after a date

December 21, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

When it comes to dating, it is quite difficult to pinpoint the exact traits that you want.

Some traits you may think are good and that you love might end up not being compatible with you.

You may also find that some traits are merely superficial and not realistic. With all the influences that we have currently around us from social media platforms to a new generation that looks at love differently, it makes sense why our expectations are sometimes difficult to realise.

Behavioural scientist and relationship Logan Ury, shares eight things to check after a date to help you put things into perspective.

Taking to Instagram, Logan shared a post with eight things everyone should consider when evaluating how a date went. “Many of us have long checklists of criteria for our potential partners. We spend dates asking ourselves, ‘Do they check all the boxes?’ instead of focusing on how they make us feel.

Checklists aren’t inherently bad, but most people’s lists focus on the wrong things – superficial traits that are not correlated with long-term relationship success,” she captioned the post.

“To help, I created the Post-Date Eight – a different kind of checklist. It helps you focus less on evaluating the other person, and more on experiencing what it’s like to be around them,” she continued.

The list consists of eight simple questions:

1. What side of me did they bring out?

2. How did my body feel during the day? Stiff, relaxed, or somewhere in between?

3. Do I feel more energised or de-energised than I did before the date?

4. Is there something about them that I’m curious about?

5. Did they make me laugh?

6. Did I feel heard?

7. Did I feel attractive in their presence?

8. Did I feel captivated, bored or somewhere in between?