AKA and Nadia Nakai’s loved up baecation in US

January 18, 2023 0 By Cypher9ja

Going strong into the New Year, Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes and Nadia Nakai went on a work commitment that the couple used for their vacation. 

A “baecation”, in social media slang, is when couples go on vacation together. AKA and Nadia were in Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States in the past couple of days.

AKA and Nadia’s baecation 

Taking about 24 hours to arrive, the couple travelled to the US city earlier this week. Rapper AKA revealed that as part of the trip they attended a WWE’ Monday Night Raw edition. 

“After over 24hrs of travel we’ve finally arrived in Cincinnati, OH, US. Putting in WORK aww man, Praise God what a time to be alive,” he said.

AKA and Nadia met WWE stars such as Nigerian Jordan Omogbehin. They also fully embraced the Ohio state city by adorning their NFL Bengals jerseys in a sign of support.

The Bragga rapper had her own tourist agendas such as trying the fast-food franchise Wendy’s for the first time at the airport.

Nadia explains she had to try their burgers as she always sees Wendy’s trending on Twitter and compared the franchise to South Africa’s very own Nando’s. 

Watch: Nadia Nakai tries US fast food

The couple then travelled to the sunny state of California.

Nadia appears to be close to the Forbes family, as she attends family vacations with AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbs, daughter Kairo Forbes and other family members. AKA’s family were recently at Sun City during the holiday season with Nadia.


The couple loves referring to themselves by their nickname “Bragacy”, which combines Nadia’s Bragga fanbase and AKA’s Legacy fanbase.

Marking the new year, the Lemons to Lemonade hitmaker wrote: “Everything is so much better with you. Happy New Year guys! Here’s to more blessings in 2023!”

The couple inked their relationship by getting matching tattoos in November 2022. AKA and Nadia got matching tattoos of a lion and a lioness, with a sword between them.

Nadia tattooed one-half of a lioness on her right arm and AKA one-half of a lion on his left arm and the lions match up perfectly when their arms are next to each other.

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