Alex G Performed Three Fan Favorites On ‘CBS Saturday Morning’

January 7, 2023 0 By Cypher9ja

Kicking off the first full weekend of 2023, singer and songwriter Alex G stopped by the CBS Saturday Morning stage to perform three songs from his latest album, God Save The Animals.

For his first performance, he performed “Early Morning Waiting,” an appropriate fit for the Saturday morning news show. During the performance, he was seated at his keyboard, and joined by a violinist, two guitarists, and a drummer, as he softly delivered the sweet, intimate ballad.

Next, he performed “Runner.” This time, Alex is at center stage on the mic, singing while playing acoustic guitar.

“I laugh when you say the wrong thing / Mouthing off to everybody else but me / They hit you with the rolled up magazine / My runner, my runner, my man / My runner, my runner, my man,” he sings on the song’s chorus.

For the third and final performance of the morning, Alex removed the keyboard element from his band for a performance of “Miracles.” For this particular performance, Alex’s vocals shine through, beautifully combining with the strings and percussion.

Over the years, Alex has been very open about his insecurity toward his singing voice. However, in an interview with Pitchfork last year, he revealed how he’s managed to overcome his insecurity.

“I’m less insecure about it, but I’m definitely more of a perfectionist now,” he said. In previous albums, I didn’t care as much, or I guess I felt like if the ideas were there and I was getting them across, they’ll live out there for whoever wants them. But for this album, I wanted to be on key. If I spend all this time on the lyrics and shit I might as well do it right.:

You can watch Alex G’s performances above.