Basic Techniques For Breaststroke Swimming: Definition And Benefits

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Basic Techniques For Breaststroke Swimming: Definition And Benefits – Kuri007
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Hello, Welcome to Pendidikanmu.coma web about education completely and accurately. Right now your academic director wants to talk about property Swimming breaststroke? Your academic manager will discuss this in more detail, including: understanding, types and sources.

Breaststroke Style

Understanding Breaststroke Swimming

When swimming breaststroke or breaststroke, the area of ​​the body / breast is used to swim at the surface of the water. The legs are out while the arms are wide open to separate the water and move the body forward quickly. The movement of the body mimics the movement of frogs when they swim, so the movement of the breast is often called the frog style. Breaststroke is a very slow speed style compared to other styles.

Breaststroke is also known as breaststroke.

Breaststroke Swimming Techniques

Here are some breaststroke swimming techniques, including:

1. Exercise with Glide movement

Starting is a technique every swimmer must master. This first step is important to know and love because diving can eliminate the fear of water, adjust the temperature and eliminate the risk of injury.

How to glide while swimming.

  • First, one foot is attached to the wall of the pool at the edge of the pool.
  • The shape of the body is curved so that it looks parallel to the surface of the water. Then both hands are extended and the ears are tied.
  • Place your feet firmly on the wall of the pool and your body will slide forward.
  • Arms and legs straight forward.
  • Keep your body and body straight above the water (orientate) and maintain balance.

Ski Training

2. Practice leg movements

For information on practicing breaststroke leg movements, see the following steps to practice breaststroke leg movements.

  • Position the body upside down or upside down.
  • Grab the wall of the swimming pool.
  • The head position is above the water and the legs are in a straight position.
  • Both legs are pulled to the side, then both legs are extended again, like swimming on frog legs.
  • When both legs are straight, do a whip while the legs are closed.
  • The position of both legs is relaxed.
  • Do it over and over until you get it right.

3. Hand movement training

To know how to practice hand movements when swimming breaststroke, you can look at the following.

  • Place both feet on the pool wall.
  • Extend both hands and head area from the surface of the water.
  • Pull your hands together across your lower chest as your palms kick into the water.
  • In this manual you can do this using the launchpad.

4. Practice breathing

To inhale during this chest stroke, you can pull your arms to your sides and lift your head as you inhale. To remove it, you can slowly remove it from the water.


Benefits of Breaststroke Swimming

Following are the benefits of breaststroke swimming, including:

1. Strengthens bones and muscles

Swimming makes the bones and muscles of the whole body more relaxed from head to toe and even the whole body, swimming can strengthen muscle strength to increase muscle strength at a young age.

2. Burn fat more efficiently

exercise is good and right, then the benefits will be obtained, one of them is to burn calories up to 60 kilojoules, even the abdominal muscles will look good,

Fat burning occurs after 20 minutes of swimming to initially start burning stored carbohydrates and then burning only body fat. thus automatically the number of calories burned will be more

3. Maintaining Cholesterol Levels

good and correct exercise when you do sports for 15 to 30 minutes then the cholesterol in the body will tend to disappear easily because the results obtained contain fat in the blood to grow and cause excess cholesterol.

4. Reduce Stress

In addition to being able to prevent cholesterol in sports, swimming can eliminate a number of diseases and can reduce stress, but it is also able to eliminate different types of diseases.

5. Prevent the risk of chronic disease

Regular swimming will increase endurance and can even increase immunity to disease and can be used to improve blood flow to the heart and can even prevent strokes.

So the discussion about Basic Techniques for Breaststroke Swimming: Definition and Benefits for your education

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