Big Xhosa Speaks On Break Out Single, Debut Album, Diss Track, A-Reece Tattoo and More.

November 24, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

In the latest episode of In The Stu, we got to sit down with Big Xhosa and he had a lot to say about his journey in the industry. He opens up about why he was unreachable at the beginning of his career. He further speaks on how the diss track to all the Hip-Hop artists came about as well as the relationships he has with certain artists in the industry. He then opened about the how attitude can impact the growth of your career as well as the cost of his first music video that broke him out. He further touches on his current state of mind and how he is trying to improve his life and the way he sees the industry. He further touches on the power of collaboration and the vision going forward.

You can check out the full interview below: