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Biodun Okeowo Planned To Dedicate Her New House To Her Mother, But She Lost Her Just Before The House Warming

April 15, 2019 0 By Cypher9ja


Biodun Okeowo’s mother died few days ago. In an Instagram post, the actress revealed how she wanted to put the spotlight on her mum during her house warming celebration, sadly, she lost her mum before the house became ready for celebration.

Read her letter here

I saved this post, this epistle, this write up, for you mother, to use as celebration for my house warming. I intended to post your picture instead of the house… dedicating that achievement to you. But now you are gone . This is painful oh God!!! Greatest loss .

I woke up this morning laying on my bed, I heard my mom calling my daughter “bring your mom’s cloth so I can wash.” At her old age, my mother still want to serve me . I dare not say no to her or that I will dry clean my cloths o . So I went down memory lane…

You suffer too much for us, especially me. Should I talk about the days at LUTH! Ha Mummy, thank you so much. If you had left that goitre on my neck, how will I look today? Yes I might have done the surgery by now but it won’t be without fear and…. but you sold all you could to make sure it was removed at that tender age. You said my daughter is too beautiful to be disfigured…You did it all alone. I will never take you for granted my pearl.

And my kids came. Still you stood for me. Thank you for taking the responsibilities of these two on you. If you had left me when they came, mother, I won’t be where I am today. You took the burden of child rearing off me completely. Mine is only to breastfeed and the rest over to you.

You took my first son, so I could go back to school. You said, Abbey you must go to the university o! I took care of you, I’m your mother so why won’t I take care of your son? Go back to school your son is safe.

Mummy, I wish I can go on and on. You’ve been a pillar.

I could have fallen if I don’t have you in my life…

Mummy you have started reaping the fruits of your labor, may you eat till you’re fully toothless . I love you. Thanks for giving my life a meaning.

If you know her and you see this, please tell her I love her, she’s my god .

For the late mothers, I pray they continue to Rest In Peace .

Please show love to Mothers, they are more than gold.

Wrote this last year…and now my mother is gone…