Blueface, Chrisean Rock’s Chaotic Visit On Kai Cenat’s Twitch Stream –

November 22, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Blueface and Chrisean Rock are regular hot topics on the Internet, though often not for good reason. The couple’s recent visit to Kai Cenat’s Twitch stream, unsurprisingly, became very chaotic.

On Monday evening (Nov. 21), the couple joined the popular YouTuber on the latest episode of his content channel, but it quickly went downhill. At one point during their appearance, they forcibly removed the 20-year-old from his seat so the “Thotiana” artist could sit in it.

Later on, Chrisean picks up one of Cenat’s friends and performs a wrestler-like move while the streamer urges her to stop. She doesn’t, and even taunts him after woman-handling the young man.

In one of the more jarring parts of the wild collaboration, Rock picks up a chair and throws it at the wall. Kai appears bewildered, saying, “You just put a hole in my wall.” The “Vibe” artist replies, “My bad. You rich, you can get it fixed.”

There was seemingly a lack of respect for the host, as Blueface repeatedly refers to his home as an Airbnb, while Cenat corrects him by saying that the space is, in fact, his house.

Perhaps their careless commitment to having fun at Kai Cenat’s expensive has to do with the fact that the 25-year-old rapper recently posted $50,000 bail after being arrested for attempted murder. Las Vegas Police reported that Blueface shot at a man outside of a Las Vegas club on Oct. 8. Video surfaced online showing the Los Angeles rapper shooting at a truck across from the venue.

In an era where public figures crave any form of publicity, this certainly unconventionally benefitted the couple as they are preparing to debut their new reality show Crazy In Love on the Zeus Network. Though their tensions have been well publicized, they appear to be on the same page for now.