Broke gospel star Lusanda Mcinga asks for donations

November 18, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

A request for financial donations had divided the family of gospel star, Lusanda Mcinga.

The Abanye Bayawela hitmaker is unwell and financially struggling. As a result, she wants to leave the industry – but only after recording her last album.

She approached a family friend and pastor, Anele Heli, to raise funds for the album. A bank account and live video were then shared on Facebook.

Lusanda Mcinga

In the video, Lusanda said: “I have a problem. Ever since we had Covid-19 in 2020, 2021, and 2022, I haven’t been able to record or get any gigs. I’m now struggling to get food but fortunately, my child, Betusile, is buying food for me. He is the sole breadwinner and gives me money from time to time. But it’s getting too much even for him. I cannot be his burden.”

Lusanda spoke about how things had not been easy for her all along.

“All my cars were repossessed during Covid-19. I couldn’t pay the bank, and they were repossessed. From time to time I get money from friends. Even R200 feels like a million to me; that’s how bad things are. My health was also affected and it has never been the same.”

Lusanda Mcinga

She further said she wanted to record an album.

“However, I need a lot of money to record and I don’t have it. I wouldn’t want to just disappear without a trace. I am therefore appealing to anyone who can financially assist me. It can be as little as possible but for me, it will make a huge difference. I want to go to Joburg and record,” she added.

The money would pay for studio fees, back-up singers, accommodation and CD covers.

“I am in deep trouble and I have a burning desire to record. I know some of you will think this is a joke, but this is my pain; this is my life. I want to close off my music career on a good note,” she said.

In another post, banking details for donations were shared, attracting mixed reactions and dividing the family.

Family spokesman Siyabonga Ndumbu refuted her claim. “Lusanda is struggling but the situation is not that bad. We are aware of her trending video on Facebook, and we are disturbed by it. The video is a bad marketing strategy. It puts her and Betusile in bad light. Also, it was not approved by her kids. As a result, we have asked Anele to remove it so we can continue with the original plan,” he told Daily Sun.

But Anele said: “I was approached by Lusanda and she asked me to assist her. I am currently receiving donations on her behalf.”



-daily sun

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