Cam’ron Teases New Sports Show ‘It Is What It Is’ –

November 22, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Diplomats pioneer Cam’ron is putting his mic aside to step into the world of sports entertainment. On Monday (Nov. 21), the “Hey Ma” artist confirmed on his Instagram Stories that he will be premiering his own sports show in December titled It Is What It Is. The post teased a scene of the show on a TV monitor which appears to be on a production set.

“On set of my new sports show It Is What It Is Premieres Nx month,” the Harlemite captioned the footage. As of now, Cam’ron has not announced its premiere date nor if it will be viewable on television or social media.

Cam, an avid basketball fan who once played on the same team as Ma$e in high school, spoke with TMZ in 2014 about his basketball championship days.

The 46-year-old said, “Me and Jordan,” when asked who was better at basketball between him and Ma$e. He then shared whether he ever had an embarrassing moment during his time as a high school basketball star. “I never had an embarrassing moment. Ask other ni**as about their embarrassing moment — it was playing against me! That’s the real question.”

Killa Cam recently attended a Brooklyn Nets game and tried to plead his case to Nets forward Kevin Durant that they should give him a shot on the court.

Cam hilariously wrote on Instagram: “Me telling KD how I would be a good 2 guard coming off the bench for the nets. He looked at me and walked away [crying emoji] @easymoneysniper @richkleiman @boardroom.”

Though the basis of It Is What Is hasn’t been revealed, Cam’ron has shown that he doesn’t care about voicing his unapologetic opinions on sports before. He candidly spoke about Brooklyn Nets player Ben Simmons’ NBA season this year.

“Look I’m gonna be real brief and short, pause. Ben Simmons, stop wasting my ni**as time,” he said on Instagram back in October.

Sympathizing with his friends Kyrie Irving and Durant for having to carry the load for the Nets over the course of the year, he added, “I’m dead f**king serious. Stop playing with my ni**as man. You’ve got ni**as playing two-on-f**king-five out there. Stop playing with ni**as, man.”

Speaking only for himself he added: “KD, Kyrie, I know ya’ll may not approve this message. This isn’t on them. This is on me. Stop playing with my ni**as! Real talk, man. If you don’t want to play basketball, go do what the f**k you want to do. Stop playing with ni**as man! That sh*t got me mad! I could suit up and get two points, six fouls.”

“If you don’t want to fu**ing play basketball, go to f**k with the Kardashians, the Jenners, whoever the f**k you with. Now when we watch it on TV it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s all good.’ I went to the fu**ing game last night and I watched you shoot a airball layup.” Simmons reportedly dated Kendall Jenner off and on from 2018 to 2020.

Check out Cam’ron’s unofficial announcement of his sports show It Is What It Is above and some highlights from his high school basketball games below.