Cam’ron Tells Spike Lee To Stop Attending New York Knicks Games –

Cam’ron has never been one to bite his tongue, and he had some words for lifetime New York Knicks fan Spike Lee after years of disappointing seasons from the Madison Square Garden residents.

“Dear Spike Lee, please do not come back to Madison Square Garden as you’re bad luck to the New York Knicks,” the 46-year-old said in an Instagram video on Wednesday (Dec. 21). In the video, Killa Cam is seen being jokingly held at gunpoint while reading a statement aimed at the legendary filmmaker.

“We haven’t won sh*t since you been a ticket holder and all you do is kiss other players’ a** — pause — from other teams when they come.”

He continued on, taking a shot at the 65-year-old’s movies with, “We felt it was disrespectful when you was through another man’s legs — pause — taking pictures of Steph Curry. Please don’t come back… And your movies suck — pause — except for Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X. We out.”

Though humorous, it is unclear what inspired Cam’ron’s rant, as the Knicks have been playing well as of late. The team went on an eight-game winning streak, including a 38-point victory over the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors on Tuesday (Dec. 20), before losing to the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday (Dec. 21). The Knicks currently hold sixth place in the Eastern Conference, trailing the conference-leading Milwaukee Bucks by four and a half games.

Cam’ron has been very vocal about sports over the last few months, taking aim at Ben Simmons for his poor play for the Brooklyn Nets and leaving his teammates Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving out to dry. “If you don’t want to f**cking play basketball, go to f**k with the Kardashians,” the “Touch It Or Not” rapper exclaimed.





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