Chef creates safe out of chocolate, internet dumbstruck

August 6, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Pastry chef Amaury Guchion

Photo: Instagram/Chef Amaury Guchion


  • Pastry chef Amaury Guchion created a chocolate safe.
  • His video received over 11.3 million views and over one million likes.
  • Twitter users called him the “Lord of creativity”.
Those who drool over chocolates will love this particular video that is making rounds on the internet. The clip shows the making of a safe from chocolate. Pastry chef Amaury Guchion is responsible for this masterpiece.

The chef, renowned for his intricate chocolate artwork, stunned his viewers on Instagram with the chocolate safe. Posting the video, he wrote, “Chocolate Safe! The little gold bars are too good… better keep them locked up.”

The clip begins with the chef arranging the chocolate components required to make the safe. He then moves on to make gold bars out of chocolate. Further, the chef stores the gold bars inside the chocolate safe.

Since posting, the video has gone viral. Netizens are stunned by the detailing of the chocolate masterpiece. The clip has gathered over 11.3 million views and over one million likes on the social media plateform. “Definitely the best in the whole world,” commented one impressed user. Another went on to call the chef the “Lord of creativity”.

Guchion has been mesmerising people with his creations for a while. His social media is proof of his talent. Previously, the Swiss-French chef went viral for creating a chocolate chameleon. While sharing the video of his mind-blowing chocolate art, the chef stated, “Chocolate Chameleon! Mother and baby chilling in the chocolate rainforest.”

The video captured the assembling of the reptile along with the putting together of tree branches made out of chocolate. The chef presented the final product after giving it a careful polish.

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