CNN Celebrates ‘legacy-defining’ Inflation Reduction Act Passage For Explored

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CNN celebrates ‘legacy-defining’ Inflation Reduction Act passage for
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CNN celebrates ‘legacy-defining’ Inflation Reduction Act passage for Biden: ‘Huge legislative victory’ #CNN #celebrates #legacydefining #Inflation #Reduction #Act #passage #Biden #Huge #legislative #victory Welcome to Trends72

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Multiple CNN hosts praised Democrats passing the Inflation Reduction Act on Sunday as a huge step forward for President Biden.

After more than 15 hours of a marathon “vote-a-rama” session, Democrats passed the bill through a budget reconciliation process on a 50-50 Senate vote. Vice President Kamala Harris cast the tie-breaking vote to allow more than $400 billion in spending and more than $700 billion in taxes to go through under what many see as a scaled back “build Back Better” plan.

Throughout Monday’s shows, CNN anchors and correspondents praised the partisan vote as a win for Biden and potential indications of midterm success.

“At This Hour” host Kate Bolduan described the news saying “the Inflation Reduction Act adds to a really sudden reversal of fortune for President Biden, who can now celebrate several legacy-defining victories in his first two years in office.”

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood spoke about the Inflation Reduction Act on Monday.

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood spoke about the Inflation Reduction Act on Monday.
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CNN correspondent John Harwood emphasized later in the segment that “it’s important to stop and recognize the breadth of accomplishments that Democrats and President Biden have achieved.”

“Now, will it help them in the midterms? Sure, it will help them,” he added. “It will convey an aura of success around Democrats in the White House. It has the potential for expanding the enthusiasm of young people on climate and older people on those Medicare provisions.”

However, he noted that the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” is unlikely to reduce inflation so much as push Democrat projects.

Although “CNN Newsroom” host Pamela Brown agreed economists are “mixed” on the impact the bill will have on inflation, she fought back against insinuations that its passage was anything other than a win on Sunday.

“You may not like what is in some of these bills, but would you concede that President Biden is one of the most legislatively successful presidents in modern history?” Brown asked former Trump campaign advisor David Urban.

“Well, Pamela, I don’t know about that, and just to take a step back, you’re reading off these giant numbers, trillions of dollars. That money is not free. That money is coming from you and me and other taxpayers,” Urban insisted.

A view of the U.S. Capitol is seen as Senators vote to proceed to the Inflation Reduction Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S. August 6, 2022.

A view of the U.S. Capitol is seen as Senators vote to proceed to the Inflation Reduction Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S. August 6, 2022.
(REUTERS/Ken Cedeno)

Despite this, Brown reiterated that “President Biden has been on a roll lately with these wins, with these legislative wins.”


On a Monday morning edition of “CNN Newsroom,” political correspondent Dana Bash suggested that Democrats could use the Inflation Reduction Act as a way to ensure a political victory in the midterm elections.

Alex Marquardt asked her, “So, going forward, especially into the midterms, how do [Democrats] turn this from a legislative victory into a political victory?

Bash replied, “By talking about it non-stop and messaging it in a way that we’re already starting to see Democrats try to do to boil it down to how it will affect people’s pocketbooks. Jessica was just talking about Medicare – allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. That’s a really big deal. Things that have to do with the climate are…definitely more of a long-term investment than things like drug prices or things like expanding the tax credits when it comes to health care, but that is the key.”

Still, she recognized the uphill battle Democrats could face.

“Talk to any Democrat and they will admit this. The challenge is, as big of a victory as this is, and it is a huge legislative victory for the president and for Democrats, it is kind of akin to ObamaCare was back in 2009, which is, it’s a victory people can’t feel yet, and this is a time when people are feeling very pessimistic about their economic situation. You just look at the polls, you don’t even have to, you just talk to people. You look at the price of food, you look at the price of gasoline. So, it’s that juxtaposition and that challenge with how people are actually feeling in their everyday lives versus what Democrats can say is to come because of this legislation,” Bash said.

A panel on CNN suggested the Inflation Reduction Act could represent a “vibe shift” in the Democrats on Sunday.
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On Sunday’s “Inside Politics,” a panel suggested that this could be a “vibe shift” for the Democrats as they feel more optimistic about the economy and their agenda.


“I think the fact that the expectations were lowered so much by the assumption that they were going to get a narrower bill, only made this what they see as a pretty big victory for them, and only made the passage of this that much of a bigger deal,” Politico’s Marianne LeVine said.

Fox News’ Hanna Penreck contributed to this report.

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