Coi Leray And BIA Respond To Ghostwriting Rumors –

November 23, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Coi Leray and BIA have responded to backlash after variations of lyrics from their songs were heard on leaked demo recordings by rapper Latto. Both artists took to social media to clear the air and defend their artistry in light of accusations of their music being the product of ghostwriters rather than their own talent.

Hopping on Instagram Live, Leray addressed the situation by first denouncing the leaking of the songs. “It’s unfortunate what happened to Latto,” the “No More Parties” rapper began. “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. It’s f**ked up, it’s foolish. There’s a lot of hard work that a lot of people put into the music — not only the artist, but the producers. And for people to go and leak something that’s precious to somebody is corny.”

However, she then steered the conversation towards herself, claiming to have written the entirety of her debut album, Trendsetter. “But I’m here to speak for myself and I do want to give a little education real quick,” she continued. “My whole album. I mean, every single feature written by me, so I know my pen game is super amazing.”

Leray also noted the usage of collaborative writers across various genres of music, admitting that she’s more of a songwriter than a lyricist. “This does not discredit none of these icons’ talent and pen game … There would be no game without writers,” she said. “Now, when it comes to rap, I also understand that as well, but I do melodies, I’m melodic; I’m not sitting here trying to rap battle nobody. You see my XXL freestyle, I’m not the best thinker when it comes to freestyles. But when it comes to me taking my time and writing a song, I’m amazing.”

She continued, adding, “You think if [Young] Thug wrote me a song, I couldn’t re-cut it? … I’m gonna re-cut the whole song, and I’m gonna do it the best way I can. It’s my song so I could change something if I wanted to. That’s just how music is created and y’all need to understand that. A lot of y’all are ignorant and need to grow up. It’s not a funny situation.”

BIA, who was brought into the fray due to a reference track for her hit single “Whole Lotta Money” being in the stash of leaked Latto songs, jumped on Twitter to share her reaction. “Writing credits…u know u can check those? now stop playin,” the 31-year-old wrote in an initial tweet, before adding “But Ntm on this bc I really don’t care who writes and who doesn’t. I only care about making the best song I can make.”

She continued to stamp her point home, posting screenshots of the credits of her biggest hits, all of which list her as a songwriter. “Ntm on BIA,” the Massachusetts native wrote in the caption.

 “London” featuring J. Cole, as well as collaborations such as “Best on Earth” (with Russ), “Sangria Wine” (with Camila Cabello and Pharrell) and “Bamba” collab (with Luciano and Aitch) — all list her as a songwriter.

On Monday (Nov. 21), reports surfaced that 130 leaked songs from Latto had found their way online. She appears to have taken the incident in stride, posting on social media in reference to the topic trending on social media.