DaBaby Found Not Liable In 2020 $6 Million Battery Lawsuit

December 21, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Since his explosive debut in 2019, DaBaby has faced a plethora of lawsuits stemming from his tendency to swing first and ask questions later, but at least one of those cases is now off his plate. The Charlotte rapper received a favorable verdict in a $6 million Florida case as the jury found him not liable for battery, breach of contract, and defamation after a five-day trial, according to Rolling Stone.

The case originates from a January 2020 incident in which DaBaby was accused of assaulting a pair of Miami nightclub promoters for allegedly stiffing him on an appearance fee after he was promised $30,000 but only paid $20,000. DaBaby countersued the plaintiffs, Steve Anyadike and Kenneth Carey, for invasion of privacy and unauthorized use of name or likeness. The jury found them liable, although Rolling Stone’s report does not include any damages they may have to pay DaBaby. Criminal charges against DaBaby were dropped by Miami police in March 2020 after the victims refused to cooperate, although the rapper did spend a “weak-ass 48 hours in jail.”

The win would appear to be much-needed for DaBaby after the rough year he’s had. In October, he claimed that his homophobic faux pas at Rolling Loud Miami last year cost him $10 million in performances and sponsorships, and he was flamed in November for allegedly trying to give away tickets to a recent show since demand to see him has apparently dropped so precipitously. He also claimed he’s been blackballed by the music industry — during an interview with the biggest syndicated radio show — blaming this on his low album and ticket sales. Even lions at the zoo appeared to be over him, which has gotta suck. At least he’s got this win in court, or things would look bleak, indeed.