Dillard’s employee fired for using N-word in viral video

August 3, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

A Dillard’s clerk in Dallas has been fired for his alleged use of the N-word in a video that has since gone viral.

After an Instagram user posted the video online last week (July 25), she claimed the department store attempted to have the video removed. Furthermore, she mentioned the only reason for recording the conversation was due to an employee hurling a racial slur at her cousin.

“Unfortunately, a 10-year-old male was exposed to how cruel this world can be towards him BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN,” Aisha wrote in the caption. “But his father showed him the right way to handle the situation, gracefully.”

In the video, the Black customer calmly told the white man, who called him out of his name, that his actions were “unacceptable.”

“You disrespected me… and my family,” said the father who had been shopping in Dillard’s alongside his son. “But I would never do that to your family or even you… I would never treat anybody that way. But I want you to know man to man, that shit’s not cool… Treat human beings with respect, and morals, and values.”

After a Facebook user questioned if the store would allow the employee to get away with the comments on an advertisement for new handbags, the company issued a statement with an update on the white man’s employment status.

“The allegations made against our former employee were promptly investigated, found to be in clear violation of our standards, and his employment with Dillard’s was immediately terminated,” said the company in response to the comment.

At one point in the clip, the man questioned if the employee knew the impact his words would have on his young son.

“I carry myself with honor,” said the father. “I would never disrespect any human being by calling them outside of their name. You don’t know the impact of what you’ve done to my son. But maybe you were unaware.”

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