DJ N.E.P & Yuri Zayn Address Social Issues In New Single ‘Ghetto Aisle’

Ghetto Aisle is a song that seeks to expose and reveal the struggles that black people still face to this day. It’s an outcry about the suffering that still persists for the people of colour in South Africa, Africa and the diaspora. False promises and the never ending stories of how their so called leaders seem to be stealing from them to live luxurious lives, when those that they are supposed to be leading continue to die from disease and impoverishment on a daily base. 

Poor public services, lost youth with no ambitions who have become victims of drug and alcohol abuse, high rate of unemployment and the vicious game that they make us believe that if one has a little, therefore they are better than those who have. A well written song doesn’t only give problems but resolves with a solution, verse two gives hope and counsel of what the black community can do to get themselves out of this deep ditch they find themselves in.

The song, produced by Tunacho, who also does the hook/chorus, gives a mellow sweet and comforting feel to somewhat dilute the heaviness of the smart but razorblade cutting lyrics written by Yuri Zyne. The beat has is a mid tempo feel that seems to just keep you bobbing your head, a beautiful piano melody that gives a soul but cries out sorrow in its own musical way. A simple song arrangement to capture one’s attention but the most interesting part of the song, is the chopped speech from the movie ‘Cry For Freedom’. 

A classic film that tells the story of Bantu Steve Biko, played by the legendary Denzel Washington. The speech given in a trial, explaining what black consciousness is all about reveals to the listener that the song was neither by luck or anger but a well-orchestrated mission by music revolutionaries who had a clear idea in mind on how this song was to be executed.

You can stream the single below:





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