‘Do the first part of the crime right’: Machine Gun Kelly Snaps Back At Mystery Person Who Vandalized His Tour Bus With Homophobic Slur, Trolled For Hogging Attention As It Wasn’t His Bus

August 5, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Machine Gun Kelly has been in the news ever since he got together with Megan Fox. The two got engaged in January and might tie the know soon. Currently, the singer and rapper is currently on his Mainstream Sellout Tour. The tour began on June 8, 2022, and is set to cover the regions of North America and Europe. However, recently things have been going wrong on the tour since the singer’s tour bus was vandalized by an anonymous person.

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Machine Gun Kelly’s tour bus vandalized with a homophobic slur

Machine Gun Kelly ( MGK )
Machine Gun Kelly’s Bus Vandalized

Before the singer’s show in Omaha, Nebraska, an unknown individual spray painted the words “Rap Devil F—-t” with yellow color on one side of the bus of Machine Gun Kelly. The same person drew an image of a large pe**s ejaculating on the other side of the bus.

A police report was filed against the vandal; however, the culprit hasn’t been found yet. Talking about the case, the public information officer stated,

“An official report was made, and that will get assigned to a detective for a follow-up.”

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Omaha Police says that there was no permanent damage to the tour bus

Machine Gun Kelly ( MGK )
The tour bus company might not press charges

The Omaha Police officer also stated that “all of the spray paint was easily removed and there was no permanent damage to the tour bus.”

The officer also stated that since Russel Coach Company owns the bus, it depends on whether they wish to press charges or not.

“Technically, since they own the vehicle, it would be up to them whether they want to press charges or not. When the case gets assigned to one of our detectives, they will contact Russel Coach Company and if they choose to decline to press charges, the case would not be investigated any further.”

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Machine Gun Kelly hits back at vandal who spray painted his bus

MGK with Megan Fox
MGK calls out vandal

The singer took to Instagram to mock the vandal and said,

“You’re so dumb. You spray painted a bus thinking it was my bus. Wrong bus, you f–kin’ idiot. Do the first part of the crime right.”

This is not the first time that things went wrong on the tour. Recently, a fan groped the singer during his concert in Los Angeles. Moreover, the singer’s prop helicopter also experienced turbulence during one of his shows. It seems like the singer is just going through an unlucky phase, hopefully, one that will end soon.

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