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Download: Beautiful Nubia – What A Feeling [Audio+Video+Lyrics]

November 13, 2018 0 By Cypher9ja

In this evocative and lovely song titled What A Feeling, innovative Nigerian artist Beautiful Nubia shares on the awesome and amazing experience of true love.

Enjoy and download!


What A Feeling!
Ara e ba mi gb’oro kan o
Oro yi nka mi l’aya mo wi o
Omo kan mbe ti mo feran
Bi ngo se ba a s’oro ko ye mi rara o
Nko ri iru ife eyi ri o, ngo ri iru erin eyi ri o
Omo to n’iwa t’o si l’ewa o,
Mo fe mo ‘le re o, ki nma ba e lo
Jowo mo fe m’awon obi re o, baby mi ye
Jowo mo fe m’awon ore re o
Omo on’iwa tutu yi o, mo fe mo ‘le re o, ki nma ba e lo
Baby je nma ba e lo, honey ki nma ba e lo
Ololufe je nma ba e lo
Oh, what a feeling, burning me all up
I can’t help myself – Baby, I wanna love you
I wanna be with you both night and day
Share my life with you – Baby, I wanna love you
Oh, what a feeling, locking up my lips
I can’t express myself – Baby, I wanna love you
I wanna live with you, grow old in your arms,
Have babies with you…
Ngo ma ba e lo ni o-ah o-ah, ngo ma ba e lo…