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[Download] Cantrell Can’t Take Your Call On “Picking Up”

August 13, 2018 0 By Cypher9ja

Pickin Up

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Business is booming for the Georgia rapper.

After debuting his “Keep Yappin” two weeks ago, Cantrell has returned with a “Pickin Up.” The song is sort of like the other side of Young Thug‘s “Pick Up The Phone.” In Cantrell’s song, he isn’t picking up the phone because, like the title says, business is pickin’ up and he doesn’t have the time. Cantrell also raps that he “ain’t got no time for rap,” a statement belied by the intricately constructed rhyme schemes of some of these lines, like “old chicks wanna converse with me, since Converse hit us in that game we rappin big” (a reference to winning the Converse “Rubber Tracks” contest).

“Pickin Up” and “Keep Yappin” have both been released to promote Cantrell’s debut EP, Stardust 2 Angels, which is dropping on the 24th of this month via Mass Appeal, a pretty big label for a guy who’s only come out with two songs on Soundcloud.