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[Download] Song: Kaytranada-“The Night Is On My Mind”

August 15, 2018 0 By Cypher9ja

Kaytranada Remixes A Tribe Called Quest On “The Night Is On My Mind”

August 15, 2018 13:14


The Night Is On My Mind

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Kaytrnada dropped two remixes for his guild of fans.

The groove-based producer born and bred in Quebec is no stranger to follow his nose to the cherished spot. Overnight Kaytra shared two remixes of artists he holds dear to his heart: A Tribe Called Quest & Sade. Tribe, especially the latter years under J Dilla production, were seen as purveyors of an escapist mentality harboring jazz and funk ideals. Many current rhyme sayers credit J Dilla with expanding their musical minds beyond the confines of rap. Mind you, the Tribe record Kaytra decided to chop and retouch predates the Dilla era by about 3 years.

On “The Night Is On My Mind” Kaytranada anxiously awaits the superstitious midnight conversion of zeros on his digital nightstand like he did growing up. The wordless exchange is felt through the rafters of Kaytranada’s fitted bedroom. His deconstruction of Tribe’s “Midnight” off Midnight Marauders rethinks the original sample deck to fit his desire for relentless groove. Q-Tip had originally conceived the song as justification to get busy well into his twenties.

The Sade remix although less cardiovascular, is a song he’s been touring as of late, finally appearing on SoundCloud in final form. Listen here.