Drake Unveiled His New Candle Just In Time For The Holidays

There has certainly been no shortage of Drake music this year. Back in June, he dropped his seventh studio album, Honestly, Nevermind, and in November, he dropped Her Loss, a collaborative album with 21 Savage.

Just in time for the holidays, the rapper has revealed a fresh new candle called “Winter Warmth.”

Drake revealed “Winter Warmth” with a Game Of Thrones-esque trailer. The trailer features clips of arctic tundra juxtaposed with the candle spinning around. Toward the end of the trailer, B.G.O.T.I’s 1995 hit, “Give Me Your Lov-N,” plays, as the name of the candle is seen on-screen.

Fans can purchase the candle via Better World Fragrance House, where Drake released a series of candles last year. Some of the previously-released candles include “Williamsburg Sleepover,” “Sweeter Tings,” “Good Thoughts,” and “Muskoka.”

“Winter Warmth,” which will run customers $48 plus shipping, is described as having a “fruity, cozy scent filled with Fresh Mint, Apples, and Soft Musks nuanced with Strawberry and Balsam creates a decadent wintery fragrance, reminiscent of taking a walk through the city streets,” on the shop’s website.

As 2022 proved to be a good year for Drake, he shared in an interview with sports betting app Stake that he intends to make 2023 just as fruitful, if not more.

“I just really want to continue down the path that I’m on,” he said. “I feel extremely healthy. I feel like I’m in the best shape, mentally and physically, of my life. I’ve been spending so much time with my family and my son. It’s just been amazing. I feel like I finally found this comfort point where I’m able to genuinely disconnect from all the noise of the world and be able to live my life, without being a recluse.”





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