EFF looks forward to exposing ‘Mafia President’ Ramaphosa

November 17, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

The Economic Freedom Fighters said it welcomed Parliament’s decision to debate the Phala Phala report on 6 December 2022.

This follows after the panel requested an extension of the report deadline, “due to the amount of work” it would require.

The panel’s report was meant to be submitted today.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly Programming Committee said the report will be debated by MPs in the house on 6 December.

Following this, the EFF said it “welcomes the decisive decision by the [committee].

The party said the request for the extension on Wednesday was granted due to “political manoeuvring and the complicity of a factional Speaker of Parliament”.

The party added: “It is without a shadow of a doubt that the plan was to ensure Ramaphosa heads into the [elective conference], where he seeks a second term, without being exposed for his criminal activity”.

If the details of the report were only to be released at a later stage, Ramaphosa would be able to “secure his political interests”, the EFF said.

“The EFF is pleased that the plan to delay holding Ramaphosa accountable for laundering money, abduction, concealment of crime and misuse of state resources has failed dismally”.

The red berets took some of the credit, saying their efforts (coupled with other “principled parties refused to allow justice to be delayed to suit Ramaphosa’s political aspirations”.

The party vowed to “explore mechanisms to ensure Parliament sits on a special basis […] to implement recommendations from the panel”.

The party looks forward to seeing Ramaphosa exposed as a “Mafia President [who] operates the criminal underworld”.

“It is in the interest of the Constitution and the future of South Africa that Ramaphosa is exposed and ultimately impeached for breaking his oath of office and humiliating this country with his dodgy antics on Phala Phala farm”.