Ekin-Su’s Voice Notes About Last Year’s Love Island Contestants Have Been Leaked

August 11, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

If there’s one thing we love about Ekin-Su, it’s the fact she speaks her mind. But now this year’s Love Island champion has been placed at the centre of a drama-filled whirlwind after voice notes she sent to friends about last year’s contestants were leaked to The Sun.

‘Last year was awful,’ she reportedly said of the 2021 series. ‘The people on there were just dry, pointless, shit personalities. I just couldn’t believe them. Even the couple who won, Liam and Millie, even they were dry. I was like, “Fuck me, where is the drama?” I think last year was wrong. I don’t know why they put people on like that – they were dry.’

‘That Liberty girl was so annoying,’ she continued in the leaked recordings. ‘Jake and Liberty were fake, you could see straight away he was playing the game.’

While Ekin-Su’s fans pointed out she undeniably caused much more entertainment than Millie Court, Liam Reardon, and Liberty during their time on the villa, industry insiders had a warning for the self-professed drama queen: ‘Show business is a very small world,’ they said to The Sun. ‘Ekin will have to learn to be nicer to people.’

To us, it seems unfair that Ekin is now being vilified for comments she made in a private capacity while sitting at home in her lounge like the rest of us. As one fan put it: ‘Some lame “friends” of Ekin Su leaked old voice notes of her reviewing last season’s love island just like we all do and what?? We literally all trash the show its part of it. She didn’t say anything new.’

But, despite Ekin-Su seemingly never having met last year’s Love Island contestants at the time she recorded her thoughts, bridges might already be burning. Millie, who had been supporting Ekin-Su all through the 2022 series by posting kind messages on her Instagram, has unfollowed Ekin-Su on Instagram since the contents of the voice notes were published. Uh oh.

Yet something tells us Ekin-Su will probably remain characteristically unbothered by the drama. Although Millie has unfollowed her, she never followed Millie back in the first place. But what we do hope is she has some good long-term friends to help her navigate the post-villa chaos rather than throwing her under the bus. As another friend noted: ‘The fact that all these voice notes of Ekin-Su have been leaked shows even your closest ones can turn on you. Some people can’t see you win…jealousy at its finest.’

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