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November 23, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Meek Mill took to his Twitter account on Monday (Nov. 21) to share his opinions on the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Thanksgiving fake …. The pilgrims killed the Indians I still remember them books from school horrible I got Indian friends …. My family might link up!” he wrote. The Philly rapper then followed up with a link to an Instagram Reel explaining what he meant by his statement.

Mill, 35, then revealed that his tweets were partially informed by his friends from the U.K. not celebrating the U.S. holiday. A Twitter user then responded that all Meek had to do was a “quick Google search” to understand why someone from London would not be celebrating the holiday.

The “Dreams & Nightmares” rapper clapped back with: “Why you so passionate about my thoughts … you get any money this week? Are you eating off your education. Who are you and why you on my d#%k like this lol I be crushing this life chill bro I feed families trees you not on my level … this the vibes now tf lol goofy.”

However, he didn’t stop there.

Calling out the the account for having less than 1000 followers, but a blue verification check, Meek added : “400 followers with a blue check …. You bought one … first sign of ni**a-itis needs recognition so he buys a blue check ….. y’all goofys sooooo cocky … I seen the blue check and thought you was someone of achievement in something lol.”

@Nottzaire responded with a simple, “You mad at me cus you couldn’t google something my boy.”

It seems as though Meek isn’t the only rapper with the same sentiments about the holiday. Ice T also shared that he believes that Thanksgiving, “is one of the most BS Holidays ever…. But we’ll take the days off!”

Many people skip out on the day of harvest due to its historic origin story. According to WBUR, Thanksgiving can be considered a “day of mourning.” Indigenous descendants often hold the holiday as time to reflect on the violent battle their ancestors went through, trying to protect and preserve their land that was stolen by colonizers.

However, many American families today use the holiday as a time to come together, eat and reflect on the blessings in their lives.

Take a look at some of Meek Mill’s thoughts on Thanksgiving above.