Festive season car accessories to lessen the road trip blues

November 25, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

With the festive season beckoning, the odds are almost certain that the obligatory road trip from the highveld to the coast or vice versa will take place.

While indeed an adventure in itself depending on which way the road leads, the actual arrival at one’s destination often rates as the biggest point of content from a distance and mental standpoint.

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Whether it be children fighting due to the long distance, parents disagreeing or, in the modern context, a depleted smartphone battery, loss of signal or conflict over the radio station or song, a difference in opinion is bound to occur with the result of spoiling the festivities for everyone.       

It is in this regard that Battery Centre has recommended the following worthwhile accessories to prevent conflict out on the road.

The ideal tool for camping or emergencies, the torch projects a soft beam that is neither hurtful on the eyes or limited by poor quality. Able to be charged via a USB, it sports a collapsible diffuser that doubles up as a cupholder.

An item few can live without today, a fully charged power bank not only rates as an accessory, but a potential life-safer when the “low battery” light starts flashing on a smartphone.

An accessory no motorist should go without regardless of the roads goes, a reliable set of jumper cables should be present regardless.

Rivalling a puncture for probably the worst thing that could happen on long trim, having a vehicle jump starter with clamps should be viewed as a necessity to provide the required boost. Kept cleaned and in good condition, it should last for a while.

  • HiLight Light Sensor 1401

Activated by a simple wave, the light provides power for 15 hours when charged, making it ideal for camping adventures or a simple get-together around the braai.

“There are few things worse than a flat battery, whether it’s your phone or car battery. Our specialists recommend motorists have their batteries checked before a long trip to limit the risk of getting stuck with a flat battery.

“If you do find yourself in this position, having the right car accessories on hand, will make things easier until you get help,” Battery Centre Franchise Manager Jason Ravenscroft said.

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