Flip For Business Can Be Used To Transfer Money From 40 Countries

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Flip For Business Can Be Used To Transfer Money From 40 Countries – Kuri007
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Jakarta, Gizmology – Financial technology (fintech) platform Flip through its B2B (business-to-business) service, Flip for Business, has provided remittance services to business owners by expanding the number of destinations for money transfers to more than 40 countries .

“Flip for Business comes with an International Transfer feature to meet the company’s international transfer needs in more than 40 countries,” said Flip’s VP Enterprise Growth & Business Development Henri Halim in an official statement received on Wednesday (3/8/2022 ).

Previously, Flip for Business users could only transfer money to seven countries. New money transfer destinations include the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Turkey, China, South Korea, and more.

For B2B services, Flip said his group supports the government’s efforts to digitize foreign money transfers in line with one of the key initiatives of the G20 Presidency related to the development of cross-border payments.

“Now, digitization of the payment system has become a priority. “Flip as one of Indonesia’s fintech companies also supports the government’s efforts to digitize money, especially the operations of remittance companies,” said Henri.

In line with the government’s policy to reduce the cost of international transfers, the company said the International Transfer feature in Flip for Business uses transaction fees without hidden fees so that the withdrawal rate is more competitive than other overseas money transfer services.

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Transfer Money with Business Flip

In addition, according to the company, Flip Business’ International Transfer service processes transactions more efficiently than traditional services. For your information, Flip for Business offers three main services, which are Money Transfer (domestic money transfer), Accept Payment (accept payment), and International Transfer (international transfer).

Flip for Business now also offers a free seven-day trial of the Money Transfer (domestic money transfer) feature to make it easier for companies to transition to digital-based transaction management.

Filp says hundreds of business owners have hoped to use Flip for Business so far this year. Henri hopes that his team can continue to help more companies and business owners in Indonesia through B2B financial solutions, both for the purpose of transferring money at home and overseas.

“Through this program, we hope to help in financial transactions in all social sectors,” said Henri.

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