Full Video Uitm Virtual TikTok Boy Detail Explored

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Full Video Uitm Virtual TikTok Boy
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TikTok Virtual Uitm Boy Videos

Full Video Uitm Virtual TikTok Boy

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A Travis County judge rebuked Infowars founder and host Alex Jones on Tuesday, saying he had to be honest on the stand and that he was using the trial to “make the side irrelevant”.

Jones is on trial in Texas after being sued by the parents of Jesse Lewis, who died during the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre.

After Sandy Hook, in which 20 children died, Jones spread a false message to his audience that the shooting was a hoax staged by the government.

Jones has been found guilty in four defamation lawsuits brought by the Sandy Hook family.

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Judge Maya Guerra Gamble told Jones during the final session of the trial that she “abused her tolerance” after she took to the stand to tell the jury that she was bankrupt and that she provided evidence during the discovery process. Gamble said both of these statements were untrue.

Full Video Uitm Virtual TikTok Boy

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