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December 20, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Through his Freewishes Foundation, rapper Future and his family have ensured a bright holiday for several Georgia families.

According to a press release, 1000 families were gifted with a shopping spree for the organization’s 9th annual Christmas toy drive, the I AM A DREAMER Holiday Pop Up at Target.

Freewishes Foundation was founded by the 39-year-old rapper, his sister, Tia Wilburn, and his mother, Stephanie Jester, 13 years ago. Throughout the year, they collectively provide scholarships, health and wellness initiatives, and assistance to senior citizens in the Atlanta area.

Future Freewishes Foundation Holiday Drive

Freewishes/Abesi PR

“Christmas has always been another opportunity to give and not receive for the foundation. We’ve been committed to giving back to those in need for over ten years, especially in metro Atlanta and the neighborhood we grew up in, Kirkwood,” explained Tia Wilburn in a statement.

“I’m so happy that everyone was able to get the things they need for their children and family members. We are doing our part to service our communities. In over a decade we’ve never waited for anyone else to help our community. We have always stepped up to the plate. Our commitment to the community is very faith-based. God has been a blessing to our family and we want to continue to service the community,” added Jester

Future Freewishes Foundation Holiday Drive

Freewishes/Abesi PR

In the past, Freewishes Foundation held an Annual Winter Wishland Extravaganza in Atlanta for over 1,000 kids and their families. The coronavirus pandemic shifted society in 2020, and forced the in-person event to be canceled. In 2021, the foundation started the holiday shopping spree for kids, which they say works better. 

“Last year was a success and this year was very successful too. So many kids were able to get everything on their wishlist. We are thankful to Target for having us,” remarked Wilburn. “Right now a lot of families are going through a difficult time financially. So we always look forward to being of assistance.”

Take a glimpse at the I AM A DREAMER Holiday Pop Up at Target presented by Future’s Freewishes Foundation below.