Gauteng residents warned to brace for hot and dry weather

January 9, 2023 0 By Cypher9ja

Gauteng residents have been warned of extreme heat conditions in the coming week.

Regional weather service, Gauteng Weather, has forecasted temperatures in the high teens following the persistent rain over the past few weeks.

According to Gauteng Weather, the province will experience hot and dry weather.


Temperatures in Johannesburg start of at a minimum of 13°C becoming very hot reaching a high of 32°C on Wednesday.

Some rain has also been forecast for Johannesburg.


Pretoria will also see very high temperatures with the mercury expected to start at a minimum of 15°C on Monday, and hitting a peak of 34°C on Thursday, with the possibility of some rain.

Hot weather for other parts

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) has also forecast scorching temperatures for some other parts of the country warning of heatwave conditions.

“A heatwave with persistently high temperatures is expected in Central and Little Karoo regions in the Western Cape, as well Sarah Baartman District, Inxuba Yethemba and Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipalities from Monday until Wednesday.”

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Residents have been urged to stay out of the sun and keep well hydrated during the hot weather, including applying sun screen when venturing out.

“When temperature is extremely high, human’s ability to cool their bodies through sweating is reduced. This can be a real threat that leads to hyperthermia. People and animals can get heat exhaustion, heat stroke, faintness, dry skin and dehydration,” the Weather Service said.

Electricity pressure

The hot weather is also likely to put pressure on the electricity grid as people use various appliances including aircons to keep cool.

On Sunday, Eskom warned South Africans will have to work around the deliberate power cuts until further notice.

While Eskom has downgraded load shedding to stage 3 from stage 4 on Monday morning, the power cuts are expected to last at least until 4pm, with the two stages being implemented interchangeably daily as the power utility battles several problems.

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