Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim reveals that She Has Been Asked Out By a President

August 1, 2019 0 By Cypher9ja


Popular actress, who is of Lebanese, Liberian and Ghanaian descent, Juliet Ibrahim, has shared some details about her life. The actress talked about growing up in different countries, her career and love life


The beautiful actress talked about some ‘Behind the Scene’ acting moments, her love life and some challenges she faced in the past before getting a spot in the entertainment industry while being featured as a guest actress on BBC Pidgin’s ‘Question Till Mouth Pain You’ show.


The actress also revealed that a president of a country once asked her out. She also talked about the strangest pick-up line she heard from a man, who said she reminds him of his mother.


According to Ibrahim, the strangest rumour she heard about herself was that she was in a relationship with Chris Brown. She also noted that she is not searching for a relationship, however, adding that she does not mind if Mr Right comes now.


Ibrahim also talked about acting in Nollywood. She stated that Nollywood in the olden days was all about witchcraft movies, adding that things have changed now.


She talked about growing up in different countries, where her childhood was filled up with civil war memories in the countries she grew up in.


The actress said she can speak different languages, French, Spanish, English, and a local Ghanaian language.