Gucci Mane Accused Of Lying About Killing Jeezy Associate –

January 12, 2023 0 By Cypher9ja

Gucci Mane has been accused of lying about his role in the 2005 killing of a man who was shot during a robbery attempt.

Deb Antney, Gucci’s former manager, recently challenged the validity of the rapper’s claims during an appearance on the Ugly Money Podcast. Antney, who helped steer Gucci to stardom during his early ascent, says that her former client misrepresented the scenario publicly in order to elevate his street cred.

“Technically, you really didn’t kill anybody,” Antney said in reference to Gucci taking credit for the death of late Jeezy associate Henry Lee Clark III, better known as “Pookie Loc.” “All these kids think that you’re the number one killer so let’s stop talking about it because now you’re a dad, you got two sons. Think about your kids looking at you a certain kind of way off something that’s fictitious. It was done for rap.”

When asked to clarify whether Gucci Mane was behind Pookie Loc’s death, Antney simply responded, “No,” before doubling down on her statement.

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Television personality Deb Antney attends The “Bobby-Q” Atlanta Premiere Of “The Bobby Brown Story” at Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center on September 1, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Antney’s remarks came in the midst of the 61-year-old sharing her reaction to Gucci squashing his beef with Jeezy during their 2020 Verzuz battle, where the former foes performed their classic song “Icy” together onstage. The moment helped bookend the lengthy history of discord between the two, which first boiled over during the mid-’00s, with the pair becoming at odds over ownership of their hit collaboration “Icy.”

In May 2005, Gucci was visiting the home of a female companion when armed intruders broke in and robbed and assaulted the rapper. However, when a struggle ensued, Gucci was able to grab hold of a firearm and shot at the intruders as they fled the scene. Several days later, the body of Pookie Loc was discovered by a middle school not far from where the home invasion took place. The victim, an associate of Jeezy, was believed to have been sent by the Thug Motivation rapper in an attempt to settle the rival score at the height of their beef.

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Jeezy attends the Def Jam Pre-Grammy 2019 party at Catch LA sponsored by Courvoisier, Puma, Klasse 14 and Tik Tok on February 08, 2019 in West Hollywood, California.

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Gucci would be arrested and charged with Pookie Loc’s murder, but the charges were ultimately dropped due to a lack of evidence. Guwop would reference Pookie Loc’s death in multiple songs throughout his career, most notable on the scathing Jeezy diss “The Truth,” which he performed during their Verzuz matchup. “Go dig your partner up, ni**a, bet he can’t say sh*t,” the “Freaky Gurl” creator jabbed at The Snowman during one tense exchange, later adding that he was “smoking on Pookie Loc tonight.”

Gucci has since voiced his regret over dissing Pookie Loc and mocking his death.

Watch Deb Antney’s Ugly Money Podcast interview below.