Gwyneth Paltrow Is Giving Out Vibrators In A Christmas Ad

November 17, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

It’s never too soon to get into the holiday spirit….especially if you’re Gwyneth Paltrow and need to prepare gifts for all of your famous and rich friends. It makes sense that celebrities need to get creative with gifts considering that they already have everything, which is exactly why every year, Paltrow creates almost too specific and over-the-top gift Goop Gift Guides consisting of things like Loius Vitton skim boards and rustic upcycled dog beds (?!) that will be perfect for everyone on your list! As GP says, “It’s kinda like the North Pole…except way more chic.” And expensive.

In a new holiday Goop ad, Paltrow walks through the holiday headquarters for her infamous wellness brand, showing off all of the various things that you have to get the special people in your life, like a silk robe or a bag to hold your baguette. In Goop fashion, we are left wondering: is she kidding or serious? Most of the time, it’s both!

The commercial features a look at what Paltrow is getting her famous friends, like a special vibrator for Drew Barrymore and an eye mask for Brad Pitt, which seems like a slight dig at Pitt, to whom Paltrow was famously engaged in the ’90s. Paltrow’s pal Cameron Diaz also makes an appearance, working in the “test kitchen” to perfect some holiday recipes, but really just having some wine. Can’t blame her!

Finally, the ad ends with a subtle reference to the ongoing “feud” between Holiday Queen Martha Stewart and Paltrow: as the Oscar-winning actress is leaving, her assistant calls and says Stewart is on the line and it “sounds urgent.” Maybe they will finally bury the diamond-encrusted, million-dollar hatchet.

(Via Variety)