Health of ANC is our concern

Many may not be invested in the ANC; over the years we have seen its popularity dwindle.

Though many may not be interested in the factional politics that have taken centre stage since 2007, or even the unspoken existence of factionalism within the movement. The oldest liberation movement is limping.

While there may be renewed attempts to self-correct, those with pure intentions are scathing in their criticism of what the party has become.

As the country’s biggest political party, we should all be invested in its health. Until such a time when the party relinquishes power, its leadership composition directly affects the country. A loose cannon at the head of power in the movement means a loose cannon can shape who we are as a country.

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What may be whispered at Luthuli House, may find itself permeating the walls of the Union Buildings. Disappointing is that, within their branches, very few youths can access these positions of power and effect a turnaround strategy. It is always the old who run for election.

This was made blatantly obvious at the low votes garnered by deputy president hopeful Ronald Lamola.

The ANC may be dismally out of touch with its youth, but this still does not absolve the youth from being invested in its health because whoever may occupy its seat of power, has power over the opportunities that may exist in the country for the youth.

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Perhaps the ANC delegates who attended the elective conference in Nasrec served personal interests. If brown envelopes were handed out for the sale of votes, if this is something the party “strongly condemns” in the media, but purposely fails to curb and manage within its own structures, this speaks to what the party has become.

But for us, our only recourse is the general election.

That is something we have control over. For this reason, it is important to keep an eye on the ANC. It would be nothing but a lie if we were to say that when the ANC cuts itself, it is not this beautiful country that bleeds.

That is why even the politically uninterested need to pay closer attention to those in power; we are not that far removed from the decisions that are made even outside of us.

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