Heartbroken 50-year-old housemaid dumps Faith Nketsi after accusing her of being sweet to her husband

November 18, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

South African reality TV star Faith Nketsi‘s helper resigned after being put on blast on Twitter.

Its unclear to Faith how Aunty found out about her tweets a few days ago when she shared how she had her hands full with her for giving her shade in her own home.

Taking to her Twitter timeline, Faith wrote a lengthy thread sharing how her helper opted to resign after the tweets.

Faith Nketsi

“Ok! So Aunty saw the tweets and she resigned today. She claims she’s worked for a lot of people and they’ve never had a problem with her or tweeted about her (apologies to her friends/family who saw the tweets). I explained to her that I didn’t mention her name.

“Not once did I think she was going to see these tweets. She’s 50 and she said she had no idea who I was but that’s no excuse. I take full accountability for expressing myself on social media instead of communicating with her. There, I was wrong, shem. We live to learn,” wrote Faith.

The Have Faith star had tongues wagging when she took to Twitter with a lengthy thread about the problems she was having with her helper.

Faith Nketsi

The newlywed and mother of one shared some incidents and said she was mostly bothered by how uncomfortable she felt in her own house on account of Aunty’s behaviour.

The reality star asked for advice from tweeps.

What annoys me is that I’m feeling uncomfortable in my own home. There’s a big elephant in the room and I don’t know where to start. The only reason I’ve never addressed any prior issues I’ve had with her is because umuntu omdala, and I really didn’t want to keep complaining to my husband because I felt that this really doesn’t concern him. I’m here to build a warm home for us and I can’t be stressing him with petty things. Because she treats him like a king, he was honestly shocked when I started telling him everything. What do I do now?


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