How To Find The Host Operator Bug Using The Latest HTTP Injector » Kuri007 Detail Explored

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How to Find the Host Operator Bug Using the Latest HTTP Injector » Kuri007
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How to Find the Host Operator Bug Using the Latest HTTP Injector – The bug that is meant is that we use the bug to access the net operation free of charge using the HTTP injector application so that we can access the web for free.

How to find a stable velocity bug? Well, on this occasion, we will answer all of this.

While it is easy to use for those who have followed it, this method is quite difficult for some people who do not understand.

With a bug that you can use for free web that can be done without using quota or credit, but you have to use a supporting application.

What are Host Bugs?

Host bug in this case is a url gap from a web site that we can use for free web using HTTP injector application.

Many already know this application and many of its users, it is clear because this application is indeed good to use and of course this application is official or not an application that contains viruses.

For beginners, it is very difficult to understand HTTP injector and free web, but you can in an instant way that is by downloading the latest Config.

Dedicated to HTTP injectors, then you can import them without needing to set the payload, search for bugs, SSH, Proxy and so on.

But for those of you who want to understand about how to find host bugs, carefully consider the following explanation.

How to Find Host Bugs Using HTTP Ijector?

Because this method uses HTTP Injector then please download the application first here.

Then the steps are as follows:

  1. Open the browser.
  2. At this stage we will look for the operator bug hyperlink, for example Tri. Enter the address and write “” then add “” behind it without quotation marks, until it becomes “trі.co.і”.
  3. If you want to find bugs for other operators, then just replace them “” be the URL of your preferred host operator. Example “і”
  4. If you have, then you will see the operator area URL, the official url trі.co.іd. Then copy the urls of the bug.
  5. Paste it into the note application (notice).
  6. Then open the app HTTP Injector. Go to Tools tab and select “Host Checker”.
  7. At this stage is the stage of checking for bugs (Copy the bugs you already have in the Url section)
  8. Next, check one by one the Bug URL name from “trі.co.і”. by method Get, Head, Put up dll.
  9. Enter Distant Proxy You according to your card operator or your own Proxy. Later results will appear on the Url Bug with results that display the server code like this: 200, 302, 404, 502. All Operators native Port Proxy Group
  10. In this final process, if you already get a bug with the code 200/404/502 etc. To find out if the bug is active, please create a payload with the bug that was obtained earlier.
  11. And if successful, a standing bug will appear in the log, Example “200 OK”,
  12. Doneі, look for bugs with high velocity. Velocity also depends on your respective region.


If the velocity you get is below 80Kbps, then you can be sure that the bug is not quality or slow.

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That’s How To Find The Host Operator Bug Using The Latest HTTP Injector. You can use this method not only for tri operators, but you can use it for any operator you like. Good luck and hopefully useful.


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