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Giuliana De Sio: ” I ran away from my alcoholic and aggressive mother ” »Viral.Spot72
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  • The 66-year-old actress recalled how as soon as she finished school she left Salerno to go to
  • His father hasn’t been there for years, his mother had problems with the bottle …

Giuliana De Sio did not have achildhood it’s a’adolescence easy, indeed. But somehow the suffering of her child and young girl led her to undertake her profession which gave her so much satisfaction. In fact, she went through her home very young to escape a difficult situation and she landed in Rome, where she began working as an actress. She talked about this in a new interview with ‘The Corriere della Sera’. Speaking of her parents he said: “A difficult family. My padre, lawyer, left home very early, when my sister Teresa and I were children. My madregraduated in medicine, without ever having practiced the profession, began to his.

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Giuliana De Sio, 66, spoke of the difficulty of growing up without a father and an alcoholic mother

The relationship with his mother became unbearable. “Period an unhappy woman, one of the most unhappy I have ever known. Difficult to be close to a person alcoholic, who is also your mother. In the morning, until a certain time, she was still lucid, and I seemed to glimpse in her a mother like many others, let’s say normal. Then she started drinking beer, she became aggressive, unpleasant, lonely, withdrawn, and my mother was no longer there. I did a slalom, between the moments of lucidity of her and those in which she went out of her mind, to establish a possible relationship with her. The good and the bad, she faced them by drinking “explained the 66-year-old.

“When I left through, it suffered a lot, but I had no other choice, I couldn’t wait to give up all that heavinessand I was saved “he continued.

Giuliana’s character was forged by her experiences. “They say I was young unfriendly, maybe I was, because I had to move in a world, that of the show, that I did not know. I was catapulted into the midst of famous producers, directors and actors, photographers, journalists… and it is likely that at first I had to defend myself, understand how to behave. Then I was helped by about thirty years in analysis: I experienced furious switches with my analysts, but evidently they helped. I don’t know what I would have become if I hadn’t lay down on the psychoanalyst’s couch “he concluded.

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