‘If he wants a divorce he must file it’ – Sonia Booth

November 9, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Sonia Booth is not done dropping receipts of her husband’s, Matthew Booth, alleged infidelity. 

Over the last two days, the former golden couple has left social media on its knees over the claims that the former football player left his family hanging high and dry over alleged mistress Bongani Moller. 

Sonia made several claims, which included that her husband took his alleged mistress on safari trips, expensive luncheons and baked her that infamous cheesecake, who she thought was for their son. 

On Wednesday morning Sonia shared how members of the public tipped her off about her husband’s alleged misdealing’s by sending her emails and pictures of Matthew and Moller together. 

Sonia Booth releases more files

Pictures of Matthew and Moller were taken by a patron at a restaurant who spotted the two and they assumed he was with his wife. 

The patron wanted to take a picture with Matthew but incorrectly referred to him as Michael. 

Allegedly the former soccer star was dismissive towards this, however, Moller corrected them, “therefore I assumed that [it] was his wife”.

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The patron did their research to find Matthew wasn’t with his wife.

Responding to the emails, Sonia wrote: “Today I had the strength to open my laptop and check emails because I’ve been receiving notifications of money sent via Yoco for book payments/orders. Then I come across this…

“I looked at my diary, 15 Oct, the legend left during Noah’s football match and asked if I could take Noah [their son] back home with me. Big bro and I had gone to the game in my car because I had errands to run prior. The legend [Matthew Booth] had gone with Noah to the game. We arrived home and noticed his car parked at the estate’s main gate. I knew then that he had Uber-ed. He returned home at night, now I know what he was up to.”

‘Constructive divorce’

The model says the “nonchalant and flippant public displays” by her husband and Moller is an attempt by him to have a “constructive divorce”, calling him a “coward” for this strategy.

“If he wants a divorce he must file for it.”

She further criticised the soccer legend, sharing statistics posted on the SA Football legends website that 75% of retired footballers are either bankrupt, divorced or alcohol or drug dependent within five years. 

“HE IS a statistic (all round), sadly. Self-inflicted as evidence has shown all over social media, the DM’s and emails. Pity he won’t take responsibility, he will blame EVERYONE BUT himself. The “legend” is perfect in his blue-eyedness,” she said.

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