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The Game is ready to stop playin’.

The Compton rapper took to his Instagram Stories Sunday to share his desire to leave the single life behind, writing, “I’m putting a ring on it this year all you gotta do is show up for me like I show up for you & pick a date.”

While the Drillmatic – Heart vs. Mind MC was met with a few understanding replies, others took to social media to deem the artist “desperate,” “lonely,” and generally unworthy of marriage based on his past relationships.

The Game is looking to settle down.

“Majority of men meet good women throughout their lives but because they feel they have options, time or not ready men up they wait til their in the 30s and 40s to want to finally settle down and that’s wild to me,” wrote one comment within The Shade Room comment section covering the post, with another user adding, “Its giving lonely and desperate.”

“This just goes to show when men are ready to settle down they gone choose whoever is available, not who they actually love,” offered another observer, with a fourth writing, “Evidence that the loneliness y’all try to push on older women goes for men too.”

The rapper, born Jayceon Terrell Taylor, couldn’t help but reply to those casting judgement on his desire to settle down, replying within the same comment section, “The opinions of people who have never met a person in real life be wild.”

He went on, “It’s usually always people who do not like what they see in the mirror. It’s the Lord’s day… let’s rejoice in his name & be what we said we were going to be this year. Stop acting like somebody stole your Amazon package & be happy we were blessed with another day of life today ??.”

Taylor found himself looking for love back in 2015 on VH1 show She’s Got Game. Unfortunately, the show resulted in a sexual assault lawsuit being filed against the rapper by contestant Priscilla Rainey, who was ultimately rewarded with a $7 million judgement. She has yet to collect her full settlement, hiring a P.I. October 2022 to help received what she’s still owed.





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