Joe Budden Responds To Vivica A. Fox After Meg Thee Stallion Backlash –

December 22, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Although Joe Budden has apologized to Megan Thee Stallion for his harsh comments about her character, he did not have the same sympathy for Vivica A. Fox. The 42-year-old held nothing back in his reply to the actress who criticized him for his judgment of the Grammy winner.

“Once regarded as the Black woman that all of America wanted to be with — just so we’re clear on that,” the retired rapper said during the Wednesday (Dec. 21) episode of his eponymous podcast. “Long fall from grace. You bi**hes don’t know how to usefully use your pu**y broth is the problem. So now, be very careful with how you continue to speak about me because I got right here: Vivica Fox movies.”

He then read off the titles of her recent film appearances before continuing his rant with shots at her movie career as a whole. “Vivica Fox, shut the f**k up before I book you for a movie. You don’t cost but $5 to get it done. I will book that entire Fox old h*e’s show for $75.99. You bi**hes better leave me alone. Mind your f**kity f**k a** business. This is a Hip-Hop matter that we’re talking about.”

His ire came as a result of Fox speaking on his open dislike of Meg in the midst of her Tory Lanez shooting trial during a Tuesday (Dec. 20) episode of her show, Cocktails With Queens. “Joe Budden if you don’t button it up and sit your bi**h a** down hating on that girl,” the Set It Off actress said. “You all mad ’cause girls is ruling rap. It’s just driving you all crazy that the sistas is just ruling over and taking numbers and can tell you about yourselves, look sexy with it, it’s a new day.”

“If you wanted some attention, to be honest with you, I think that’s the wrong one to try to get it from because it’s really coming out facts it’s coming out after so many years of this trial being long-awaited that she was shot. So, you know, get used to it, brother, it’s a new day. Girls are ruling, sorry Joe Budden.”