Johannesburg CBD ‘hijacking’ not what it seems

A suspected hijacking incident involving an e-hailing driver in Johannesburg CBD has turned out to be something else.

In a video circulating on social media, a Bolt driver was seen being pulled out of his vehicle by a group of men in what looked like a hijacking.

But according to the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD), this was not the case.


Following an investigation, the JMPD said there had been some confusion on the incident, which took place on Saturday, after the Bolt driver had been mistaken for kidnapping the two children of one of the men that confronted the motorist.

“The victim explained to officers that it was not a hijacking, instead, the alleged hijacking suspect had requested a ride at corner Commissioner and Kruis streets.

“As soon as the alleged suspect, who was with his wife and three children, opened the door for the children to go in, the driver noticed that meter taxi drivers were moving toward to attack him [so] he sped off with two children, leaving the father, mother and one child behind,” JMPD spokesperson Xolani Fihla said in a statement.

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Fihla explained that the father had chased after the Bolt driver’s car which skipped red traffic lights.

“When he noticed that he couldn’t keep up with the car, he stopped a Gold Toyota Corolla with four occupants and asked them to help chase the car. The e-hailing driver was eventually stopped by occupants of the Toyota Corolla seen in the video,” he said.

The driver had already dropped off the children when he was accosted by the father and armed men, who turned out to be members of a local security company.

“They then went with the driver where he dropped the children off. The children were found safe, and the driver explained the reason for fleeing with the children,” Fihla continued.

No case opened

After JMPD officers tracked down the father, the matter was resolved amicably between the parties involved.

“Officers proceeded to the Johannesburg CBD where they found the father and the occupants of the Gold Toyota Corolla who helped stop the e-hailing driver.

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“It was discovered that the occupants of the Toyota Corolla were members of a local security company, their details, firearms as well as firearm permits were verified and all was in order.

“The e-hailing driver acknowledged his error of speeding off with the children, which gave the father and community the impression that he is kidnapping the children. The e-hailing and the father reached a consensus as both parties acknowledged their wrongdoings and decided to not open a case against each other.”





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