Josh Allen Lost It Over Getting A Cameo From Matt Barkley

December 22, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Getting someone a Cameo for a holiday or a big occasion is nothing new. What is a little new, however, is what the Buffalo Bills decided to do for Josh Allen to celebrate Christmas, as the team purchased him a Cameo from his backup quarterback, Matt Barkley, who had no idea that the Cameo was going to Allen.

My favorite part is how Allen was very visibly not up for whatever hijinks were about to ensue when the people behind the Bills’ TikTok account walked in, only for him to completely lose his mind over an unsuspecting Barkley giving him advice on how to become a better quarterback.

Allen cannot stop laughing once he learns that Barkley didn’t know which Bills fan named Josh was going to receive this Cameo. At one point, Allen starts to critique the advice Barkley gives, and then, the Cameo ends and he kisses the iPad. He then FaceTimes Barkley and lets him know exactly what was going on here, at which point Barkley confirms that he had zero clue what was going on. It is hard to argue against this being a very good use of $99, and perhaps Allen will take this advice and help lead the Bills to a Super Bowl this year.