Juelz Santana Claims Prison Made Him Smarter – Lovablevibes.com

November 23, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Juelz Santana has revealed that his time in prison was truly a learning experience. During an interview with VladTV, the Dipset member expressed that while he served a two-year sentence at FCI Petersburg Medium in Hopewell, Virginia.

After DJ Vlad attempted to compare his time in a holding center with Santana’s time in jail, the Harlemite quickly cleared up the confusion, insisting that the two situations are entirely different.

“A holding cell in a couple days is way different from being in jail it’s not dirty and pissy,” the I Can’t Feel My Face founder asserted. “A holding cell where you go to is way different from what you getting and you locked down and you ’bout to be in the cell and you got a cellmate and stuff like that. Cause for one, ni**a your cellmate ain’t going to let you be in no dirty, pissy, one of y’all going to be fighting.”

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 22: Juelz Santana attends the 2013 BMI R&B/Hip-Hop Awards at Hammerstein Ballroom on August 22, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for BMI)

“Ni**as keep their sh*t clean in jail. All that pissy, dirty sh*t, that’s at the bookings with muthaf**kers that don’t give a f**k, and there’s no order. You go to jail, there’s order ni**a. There’s order, there’s politics, and there’s sh*t going on.”

Although he praised the cleanliness of prison compared to bookings, the Diplomat’s sharp shooter insisted that he wouldn’t want to go back. However, Santana, 40, did reveal that he turned his bid into a “learning experience,” expressing his time in made him wiser.

“I hated being there, but it was a learning experience,” he said. “For me I got to turn jail into Yale. I got to be smarter, I got to read a lot more and I got back to writing. Like I wrote so much in there. Like my execution plans since I been home been phenomenal right now, like I’m just all the way in getting to it.”

The rapper, legally known as LaRon Louis James, was arrested in March 2018 after security found a loaded gun and oxycodone pills in his carry-on bag. James was issued a 27-month prison bid in December 2018 and returning home in August 2020.