Keith Murray Says He Was Sexually Intimate With Foxy Brown And Shawnna –

Keith Murray has come out with claims that he once had sexual relations with rap stars Foxy Brown and Shawnna, who he says he was intimate with on separate occasions. During an interview with The Art Of Dialogue, the Def Squad rapper recalled an instance in which he and his crew performed at The House of Blues in L.A., after which he hooked up with the Ill Na Na rapper, who he says he’d become close with during their travels.

“We rocked hardcore, the New Yorker says of Def Squad’s set before launching into his story. “Went into the hotel and [Foxy Brown] gave me hardcore head. I ate her p*ssy, but I never fu**ed her. And then she was with Kurupt at that time. So we was coming out of the hotel after she gave me head and we was coming and Kurupt was [also] coming.”

According to Murray, the rendezvous occurred at L.A.’s Mondrian Hotel, and he felt that Brown was attempting to stir up beef between Kurupt and East Coast rappers in light of their own relationship issues. “It was [when] the East Coast-West Coast [beef was] goin’ on!” Murray says. “I spinned off and went the other way, and she went right to him. That was around the time when she was wit’ him.”

He added, “That’s when I knew females are no f**king good. She’s a main artist, whopping me off, married to this dude—but I don’t know if they were married at that time. It was around that era and they was beefing with the other girl Kurupt was with at that time.”

In a separate clip, “The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World” creator also spoke on an alleged fling with former DTP rapper Shawnna, with who he said he performed oral sex on two occasions. After meeting prior to a performance at The House of Blues, Murray says the chemistry between him and the rapstress was instant, prompting Ludacris to warn him not to pursue his artist in a romantic manner.

Yet, he says he couldn’t resist, performing cunnilingus on Shawnna in front of her friend and another time inside his Mercedes Benz. Referring to the Chicago native as “another one that got away,” Murray speaks glowingly of the “Stand Up” spitter, calling her “a beautiful woman” and noting that he still has the hots for her and would like to resume their arrangement if she happens to be single.

Murray previously spoke about an encounter with late rap star The Notorious B.I.G. on the day of his death, who he says he warned about the dangers of being on the West Coast in light of Tupac’s death and the bitter feelings felt surrounding his presence in L.A.

Watch Keith Murray share the advice he gave to Biggie below.





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